Sidney Polak is a famous Polish singer/composer/rapper. He was originally a drummer for a band called T.Love, but eventually made his way into a solo career.  My dad discovered him, on one of his internet quests to learn to speak Polish, and find Polish music. I slowly started to like him. most of his music consists of reggae, folk, and rap influences.This is the first video I saw of him called "Otwieram wino" which means "I open the wine". (a lot of his songs have something to do with alcohol)
Here is another song, that reflects more on his rapping style, called "Chorwat" meaning "Croat".  It's a very crazy song. Don't ask me what it's about because I have no idea. but I still love it!
Here is another (more recent one of Sidney's) gangsta song that you will laugh at and enjoy. the backup vocals are priceless! it's called "Skuter". I don't really have to translate that do I?
Here's one more called "Natalia". It's about a girl....that's all I really know. The song is more subtle than the other 3, but the video is really good.
Sidney has a very distinct music style compared to other Polish singers. Most of the singers I've seen all sound sort of the same to me. He almost looks like Carrot Top's long lost cousin. but he is very talented
Fance Gall was a famous french pop singer in the 1960's. I found videos of her on YouTube a few years ago and I think she's great. I think french 60's pop is great all together, but I think I enjoy her music the most. here is one of the first songs i heard from her. The song is called  "Poupee de Cire, Poupee de son" which roughly translates as "doll of wax (or sawdust), doll of sound".
here is a song that is one of my favorites of her's. it's called "pense a moi" which translates as "think of me" it's very jazzy and suave.
She had alot of other great songs in the early 60's.  however in '66, A guy who writes her songs, Serge Gainsbourg,wrote her a song called "les sucettes" which translates as "lollipops".  She was too young to realize that the song she was singing had a sexual innuendo or double meaning for oral sex, she was publicly humiliated.     
while her popularity was decreasing in France, she became famous in other countries. One of those Countries was Germany. She sang in German as well. Here is a favorite clip of mine of France Gall on a German TV show, singing a weird song about a computer.
she continued to make songs in the 70's and 80's, but none are as nearly as good as her songs in the earlier years (personal belief) . there is a good song she sang in the 80's called "Ella Elle L'a" which I heard somewhere that it translates as "Ella, she's got it". it's a song dedicated to Ella Fitzgerald.
overall, Fance Gall has a sweet and Girly voice, but not the annoying kind. her 60's fashion style is awesome and..... people have said that she has a slight resemblance to Sienna Miller, which i can sort of see.  If you like her, check out more of her stuff!!!! there's a whole bunch of videos on youtube.