okay, so this is just getting ridiculous.
A few weeks ago, I went with my mom to the bank to deposit a check into my account. It was on my way home from school and my mom picked me up.  We walked into the bank and there was a lady clerk waiting for the next person. So Mom and I went to the lady clerk, and Mom( or I did, I can't remember) told her that she/I wanted to deposit the check into my account.  I'll admit that I don't always know how bank depositing goes, and my mom helped me with it. But  when I told her what I wanted to do with the check, she started to act a little weird.  She started saying things like " oh that's very good that you are putting money into your account." and all these statements that you would sort of tell a child.  But I ignored it. But when the check was deposited  she said  " would you like a lollipop?". And she said this in a cheery yet casual way. At first i thought she was joking and I said "okay".  But then she she started to go get one and then I said "oh no that's okay i was just kidding". and then she said " no really, you can have one." So then I walked out of the bank with a lollipop in my hand. And i thought to myself, how old does she think I am? seriously?

some of you that I personally know have already heard this story, which brings me to tell you what happened today!

Me, Mom, and Dad went to a restaurant to eat during linner time (between lunch and dinner time).  the waitress showed us to our table. Now, mind you, I was taller than my Mom because I was wearing those boots I got for my Birthday. and I was dressed fairly maturely. When I finally got to sit in my booth seat, the waitress handed out the menus. And what did she give me??? a KIDS menu, with those crayons that you can use to play the games and color on the paper.  I didn't notice it, until she walked away. I looked at Mom and showed it to her and she laughed. Eventually I got a regular menu.   Which brings me to my point.

It has been happening more and more lately that I get mistaken for a 12 year old than a nearly 19 year old.  I really don't think I look THAT young. Okay, I could see, 14 or 15, but not at the age where I still can't wait to go to the bank, just to get a lollipop. I've passed that stage in my life. I have met other people who look younger than me, and shorter than me.   But not once have I heard a story from them like the one I've just told you. I know I should appreciate the fact That I look young because It will be helpful in the future, but right now, It's gone just a little bit out of hand.  It, makes me wonder what the actors who play teenagers in those movies and T.V. shows had to go through when they were younger, because, believe it or not, most of them are in their mid- late twenties. They must have been told they look young many times. :P

here is a simulation of what happened at the bank. It's not fully accurate, since Mom isn't in there. and I don't look like my character.