I forgot I made this script.  It was an assignment for my stagecraft class back in high school. We had to write a script for the one acts, so I wrote mine based on me and my sister at  school on  my first day. None of this actually really ever happened. My script didn't get picked because one of the other characters matched too closely to another person in real life that my teacher knew very well, but I'm not saying who.  Now that I look back at it, I think it's pretty darn good, for my first script ever made. So here it is!

Like sister like teacher

By Audrey H.

(The setting is in a classroom)

Ms. Hamilton: so, little sis, are you ready for your fist day of high school?

Abbey: I don’t know….I’m a little nervous I guess.

H: Oh don’t be. You have nothing to worry about, at least not with me around.

A:  Oh yeah that’s right! “Good morning Ms. Hamilton” what a trip. I’m going to have to get used to the fact that you’re a teacher now.

H: Yeah. You know I wish my students could talk like that. Instead they use all of this improper slang like “Yo Wassup Ms. H?” or “Waz poppin Hambone?”  I really cannot tolerate this use of language that they speak in my English class.  What did these kids even learn in middle school anyway?  I’m glad that you don’t act like that.

A: And I never will. So when does class actually start?

H: it starts at exactly 7:20

A: so why did we get here at 6:20?

H: that’s the time that I’m supposed to be here.

A: great. I could have been in bed a whole while longer. I could have been sleeping my life away.

H: Oh quit your whining and suck it up.  You too could be working into the early hours of the morning if you’re going to become a nurse.

A: don’t remind me

Ms. Yeti: Good morning Ms. Hamilton, Oh! And who might this be?

H: Oh well this is my sister Abbey.

Y: Oh so this is your sister!  Well hello Ms. Abbey! My name is Ms. Yeti. I work in guidance down the hall.

A: nice to meet you Ms. Yeti

Y: You know; I have just heard soooo much about you from your sister.  She says that you are such a good student and that you do sooo well in your classes.

A: yeah well you know---

Y:---and I’m just soooo glad that you decided to come to this school Abbey.  This school is such a nice school, with such a nice environment.  Some students here don’t always try there best which is why I’m sooo glad to hear that you actually try hard and strive to do your best for the greater good. But not just for the greater good of today but for the greater good of tomorrow.

A: …Thanks I---

Y: --- and not just for my tomorrow Abbey, but your tomorrow, and your children’s tomorrow, and the tomorrow after that, and the tomorrow after that and the tomorrow after that.  You and the rest of your generation hold the key to the future.  Therefore you must not take the shortcut to victory, but linger on the long and lengthy trail to the finish line to understand the true and deep meaning of what it is in life you are trying to accomplish. If only there were more people out there in this world like you Abbey that truly understood the deeper forms of education, we could really change the world and the way we live in it. So thank you Abbey, and remember to thank your parents for how well they raised you. The best education in the world comes from parents, and they did one heck of a job with both of you.

A: Ummm…you’re welcome?

Y: Now what was I initially here for again?   Oh yes that’s right, Ms. Hamilton my dear could I please barrow a few sheets of your marvelous computer paper for the copier? It seems that the whole school is running on a paper shortage and I do not know anyone else in this building that carries a whole pack of paper with them except you.

H: I would be delighted Ms. Yeti.

Y: goodbye for now… and Abbey it was such an absolute pleasure meeting you!

A: Wow! What was that all about?

H: Ms. Yeti is a very eccentric person isn’t she.  She likes to over exaggerate things a little.

A: a little?

H: Well you know what I mean. But I do enjoy having her around to brighten up my day whenever I feel a little down in the dumps.  She’s like my high school mother in some respects. 

A: so what time is it now exactly?

H: It’s about 6:50 which means that it’s just about time for the student’s to start coming into the building.

A: And the whole high school chapter of my life begins. I just hope it’s not anything like middle school. Anything but middle school.

H: don’t sweat it. I’m sure everything will be fine. Some of the best years of my life so far were in high school.  I don’t think anyone will annoy you here as much. Everyone will mature eventually in their high school year.

A: That’s true. Hey do you know where Ms. Peabody’ room is? According to my schedule she’s my homeroom class.

H: Ms. Peabody’s room is, I believe, on the right of that first hallway when you walk in.

A: well that should be easy.

Charlie: Hey Ms. Hambone! My favorite English teacher from last year!

Kiera: Aw hey Ms. Hamilton!

C: What’s shakin?

H: Oh so now it’s “shakin”?

C: yeah! You got to keep up with the times Ms. Hammer-a-ton

K: OH MY GOODNESS! Ms. Hamilton! Is that your daughter?

H: um no… she’s my sister

K: Oh! I’m sorry. I thought she was your daughter or something.

A: Well technically, it’s impossible for me to be her daughter because we are eight years apart which means that if I were her daughter, she would have had me at eight years old.

K: oh

C: ew

K: So do you have your sister as a teacher?

A: no. I’m not even able to have her as a teacher because of it being a school regulation.

H: Teachers can’t teach their close relatives here; but wouldn’t want her in my class anyway. She’s a pain.

A: ha ha ha very funny

K: Wow! It must be so nice having your sister as a teacher

A: well I don’t know yet but I’m sure it will have its ups and downs.

K: OH MY GOODNESS that is so sweet! I wish my sister was a teacher. Then I wouldn’t have to take the stupid bus.

C: you guy’s don’t really look alike though

K: yes they do. They have the same eyes.

C: well... maybe the eyes but their hair and the shape of their face are different, not to mention Ms. Hamilton wears glasses.

K: maybe the glasses are throwing you off. Or better yet, maybe you need glasses.

C: no I don’t

K: yes you do!

C: no I don’t!

K: yes you do!

( keep bickering until…)

C: whatever. So Ms. Hamilton, wanna see my sweet jerk moves for the dance crew I’m starting up?

H: not really.

C: too late! I’m showing you anyway! (C does the jerk) Bet you can’t do that Ms. Hamilton! Your probably too lady like for this hot mess.

H: should I really stoop down to his level of playing field or shouldn’t I? Oh what the heck.

K: get it Ms. H!

(H does the jerk)

H: how bout them apple’s?

C: okay okay, that’s cool you proved me wrong.

K: and Charlie just sat there speechless cause he got served by an English teacher.

A: I cannot believe you can actually do that!

H: well... let’s just say that I’m not a stranger to dances like that. You guys think I don’t watch you from afar doing your silly little dances, but believe me I know.

K: well we better go Ms. Hamilton. Charlie and I have the same class together and I don’t want to be late getting there like the first day of school last year. And you know who I blame that for?

C: I didn’t do anything. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

K: okay Mr. Oh- but- I -wanna -stay- and -talk -with- my-friends- a minute before the bell rings!

C: whatever! Buy Ms. Hamilton!

K: it was nice meeting you uh…

A: abbey

K: oh …Abbey! Buy!

H: and it thought they would never leave.

A: well they seemed like a happy bunch.  I guess I better get going too.

H: okay have a good first day!

A: okay you too.

H: Oh and abbey?

A: yeah?

H: if anything bad happens I just want you to know I’m always right around the corner okay.

A: okay buy--

H: because you know I’m more than just Ms. Hamilton, I’m your sister and I love you very much and I don’t want you to worry a bit okay

A: okay there Ms. Yeti

H: ha ha ha very funny.

A: like sister like teacher!