Sidney Polak is a famous Polish singer/composer/rapper. He was originally a drummer for a band called T.Love, but eventually made his way into a solo career.  My dad discovered him, on one of his internet quests to learn to speak Polish, and find Polish music. I slowly started to like him. most of his music consists of reggae, folk, and rap influences.This is the first video I saw of him called "Otwieram wino" which means "I open the wine". (a lot of his songs have something to do with alcohol)
Here is another song, that reflects more on his rapping style, called "Chorwat" meaning "Croat".  It's a very crazy song. Don't ask me what it's about because I have no idea. but I still love it!
Here is another (more recent one of Sidney's) gangsta song that you will laugh at and enjoy. the backup vocals are priceless! it's called "Skuter". I don't really have to translate that do I?
Here's one more called "Natalia". It's about a girl....that's all I really know. The song is more subtle than the other 3, but the video is really good.
Sidney has a very distinct music style compared to other Polish singers. Most of the singers I've seen all sound sort of the same to me. He almost looks like Carrot Top's long lost cousin. but he is very talented

hi love ur side and style of writing i belive sidney is a cool singer i respect him too i hope u write me back by till then


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